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This is Newsbot.

Newsbot does all the work around here.

Twice a week, Newsbot scans a curated set of news sources aimed at charities and good causes, then merges them to create one, easy-to-read email.

Don't some newsletters like this already exist?

Yes, but they tend to be from specific news websites or agencies, we wanted something that took news from around the sector and brought it altogether. It's not intended to compete with any news sources, subscribe to both!

Are you collecting news and content without permission?

No, we're only using feeds provided by the websites themselves for this purpose. We only show a snippet of any article, so you can click through to the original sources, which all show the provided attribution. The Charity Newsletter doesn't publish or host news, we don't want to take anyone's traffic.

We automatically merge a few different news sources together, there's no human editor. This can mean there are a few topics covered several times, but on the whole it seems to provide a pretty broad range of news, blog posts, views etc. We are very open to adjusting this over time, but we would need your feedback to help us do that.

Who decides which articles are included?

Your email address will not be given or sold to another organisation, nor will you be sent anything other than the charity newsletter.

What about my personal data?

We're part of the team at Echoleft, a UK-based fundraising and events platform for good causes (come and say hello!).

It's important for us to know what's happening in the charity sector, it helps us serve the good causes we work with more effectively. To keep up, we did everyone does: made sure we followed great people on social media, read the news websites, joined private fundraising groups etc.

There were several downsides to that approach:

It was hard to find the signal amongst the noise.
There's so much great work going on, it's hard to get an overview amongst all the conversation.

It was taking up too much time.
Social media is a black hole for time. You want to get a quick sense of what's important for causes you care about, but suddenly realise hours have passed and you missed lunch.

We had to go and find the information. It didn't come to us.
Researching information often creates duplicated effort. Each person had to spend time going and finding the same news, over and over again.

We're technical people, so we set out to build something that solved this problem for us. We built a smart newsletter. Twice a week, it scans the newsfeed of several curated news sources, merges them and then delivers everything we need to our inboxes, twice a week. Great!

Within the first two weeks, we'd already found relevant or interesting news, articles and links. We'd discussed them and sometimes ended up taking some action. We wouldn't have seen them if it hadn't been for our twice-weekly email. This proved our theory: this was really valuable.

We quickly realised this would be valuable for people like you too, so we got to work converting it into a tool that everyone can use.

Why did you make this?

No, it's totally free to subscribe to the newsletter.

Does it cost anything to subscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. There are clear links in every email. If you change your mind later, you can always resubscribe.

What if I want to unsubscribe?